2030 Seismic Requirements

About 2030 Seismic Requirements

By mid-2026, all California hospitals will have met the state’s stringent life safety seismic standards, making them among the safest buildings in the state. Hospitals will stand after an earthquake, people will be safe, and hospitals will work with their communities to protect patients’ access to health care. Hospitals face another deadline of Jan. 1, 2030, for more requirements. Any hospital building that does not meet these will be forced to close and patient care will cease. California must prioritize access to patient care.

CHA Issues Member Alerts on Critical Access Hospital, Seismic Legislation

What’s happening: CHA urges members to show support for Senate Bill (SB) 1423, which would provide financial relief to critical access hospitals, and SB 1432, which would modify 2030 seismic standards to address hospital compliance challenges.  

What else to know: Information below details action to take, timing, and resources for hospitals that want to show their support for this critical legislation.  

CHA to Provide Updates on Seismic Legislation at April 3 Webinar

What’s happening: On April 3 from 9-10 a.m. (PT), CHA will host a webinar sharing recent developments on CHA’s sponsored bill, Senate Bill (SB) 1432 (Caballero, D-Merced), which offers important modifications to the 2030 seismic compliance standards.  

What else to know: Ensuring seismic relief field-wide, as well as addressing rural hospitals’ unique concerns, is one of CHA’s four key priorities for this year.