Innovation in the Time of COVID: A Video Series

CHA Innovation in the Time of COVID-19: A Video Series visits seven hospitals around the state to witness their innovative approaches to striving for better service, care, and community.

UC Davis Health: Vaccination in Sacramento’s underserved neighborhoods are critical to the fight against COVID. UC Davis Health steps up to the challenge at 11 student-run clinics.

Mayers Memorial Hospital:  Many residents in this hospital’s vast rural Shasta County community had difficulty getting to vaccination sites, so the hospital delivered vaccines … via workplace clinics.

Keck Medicine of USC:  With clinical staff facing unprecedented challenges amid the pandemic, Keck Hospital provided support with temporary housing, meals, and shopping services for frontline workers.

Tenet Central Coast:  When the pandemic hit, patients in need stayed away from hospitals – often with risks to their own health. Tenet Central Coast developed an innovative tele-ER option to bring the hospital to the patient.

John Muir Health:  With lab resources like testing in high demand, the pandemic required Muir staff to devise new ways to communicate the status and availability of consumables. Fortunately, a lab manager came up with a useful and detailed dashboard.

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center: Hospital staff had enough workday worry with the pandemic, but for staff with kids — from babies to school-age — additional help was needed. That’s when Sharp stepped up with some big help.

Marshall Medical Center: Facing a potential overload of COVID-19 patients after Christmas, Marshall mobilized vaccine clinics in its community at locations like assisted living facilities and was able to meet patients were they were and limit their exposure.