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House-Senate Budget Conference Committee to Hold First Meeting Next Week

The House-Senate Budget Conference Committee is expected to hold its first meeting next week on Oct. 30. As part of the agreement to re-open the federal government, the conference committee was charged with coming to an agreement on a longer-term budget deal by Dec. 13. Funding for the government will run out on Jan. 15, and the conference committee also will attempt to produce a deficit agreement that would allow for the passage of an increase in the debt ceiling by Feb. 7.The two sides remain about $91 billion apart in preferred spending levels for a budget, and inclusion of an increase in the debt ceiling would likely require deeper spending cuts, leaving hospitals vulnerable in the negotiations.

On Oct. 29, CHA will host an Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., allowing hospitals to share their concerns ahead of the conference committee’s first meeting. Hospital representatives will deliver the message to more than half of the California congressional delegation that further cuts are unsustainable and could impair access to care for patients throughout the state. For more information on CHA’s Advocacy Day visit