Health Care Partnerships Expand Care for California Patients

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Two prominent health care experts explain how patients benefit from health care partnerships:

Preserving Access to Care
Responding to the Pandemic
Protecting Patients

Did You Know?

Consumers in states where health care is highly integrated through partnerships may have more affordable insurance premiums and lower per capita health care expenditures. Nationally, nearly 80% of the most highly integrated states, including California, had total annual premiums below the national average.

Health care organizations use a range of partnerships, affiliations, mergers, and acquisitions to expand and preserve services — and to financially sustain essential health care resources. These partnerships help patients by:

  • Delivering care closer to home at facilities across broad geographic regions
  • Offering access to specialty services, like cardiac care and organ transplantation
  • Providing advanced clinical expertise

A new report from renowned consulting firm Kaufman Hall shows how these partnerships save lives, maintain access to care, and lower costs for Californians.

In a separate analysis, the firm examines how many hospitals rely on these partnerships for financial support to protect care delivery.

Female doctor wearing surgical mask examining infected patient. Mature healthcare worker checking mid adult man. They are at pharmacy.

Partnerships in Action

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