FAQs: Department of Defense Medical Teams

What is the typical makeup of a DoD team?

The teams are made up of active duty military medical providers including two MDs, two mid-level providers, two respiratory therapists, and 14 Registered Nurses.

Is there a difference between a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and a DoD Team?

Yes, DMATs are medical professionals and support personnel who operate under the Department of Health and Human Services National Disaster Medical System, and DoD teams are active military personnel.

What are the criteria determining which hospitals receive a DoD medical team?

Hospitals have been chosen in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Center for Healthcare Quality, county Medical Health Operational Area Coordinators (MHOACs), and Regional Disaster Medical and Health Specialists and represent large hospitals that have licensed ICU beds that they are unable to staff.

What should we expect from the team?

Teams are being deployed to expand ICU capacity in strategic areas by bolstering ICU staff.  

How are the teams managed?

The teams fall fully under the operational coordination of California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) and the Department of Defense. Hospitals will be responsible for onsite management of the teams.

How long will the teams be at the hospital?

They are on a 30-day mission assignment.

What supplies will the team need when it arrives?

All PPE, scrubs, and required working supplies need to be provided by the hospitals. If hospitals need help with extra supplies, they can request this through the MHOAC Program.

Can hospitals get lead information on the team so they can start emergency credentialing? 

All state licensing is being coordinated by EMSA with the CDPH Licensing & Certification program. 

Does the team have professional liability coverage?

Professional liability coverage is covered by the military, as they are active duty military.

Is there a cost to hospitals for the staff?

No, the cost share is between the state and federal governments. 

Do they provide their own housing?

With the exception of scrubs and PPE, the DoD covers all logistical needs of its personnel.