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Five Things You Should Know About the Flu Shot

Under normal circumstances, both December and January are dangerous months when it comes to the flu. It’s peak flu season — and in fact, National Flu Vaccine is observed the week of December 2-8! As you well know, this year falls outside the realm of “normal” circumstances. In the midst of a pandemic that is threatening to further burden California communities, health care workers, and hospitals, it’s even more essential to do what we can to keep flu risk low. A flu vaccine is the best way to do just that. Here are 5 things the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone should know about the flu shot:

Posters Honor Hospital and Health Care Workers

This week, the Health Care Heroes appreciation posters should begin arriving at hospitals, with signatures and some of the personal messages received. These posters are a symbol of the collective gratitude for all the health care heroes who continue to selflessly care for an increasing number of COVID-19 patients.