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Hospital Patients Need Help During RSV Surge

About a month ago, Orange County officials declared a health emergency due to the record numbers of pediatric hospitalizations and emergency room visits, driven by growing numbers of cases of respiratory syncytial virus. Similar levels of concern are being raised by public health officials in San Diego, Santa Clara, Los Angeles and other counties. 

Getting the Federal Support Hospitals Deserve 

As California hospitals continue to face unprecedented challenges, and patients are placed at risk by the lack of state and federal support, it’s vital that every available resource be secured to ensure care can continue to be delivered for all Californians. 

Election Will Bring Challenges, Opportunity

On Tuesday, voters in California and throughout the nation will be able to make changes in their elected leadership, shuffling the political deck and sending a signal about their priorities for their city, county, state, and nation.  

On Suicide, a Time for Reflection and Action

Two years ago, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, 4,075 Californians took their own lives. Nearly 80,000 more who attempted to take their lives, inflict self-harm, or expressed the desire to do so were treated in California hospital emergency departments.   As we learn more about the long-term impact of the pandemic on mental health, […]

  • Carmela Coyle
    President & CEO, California Hospital Association, Sacramento