Calls to Action

Urge State Senators to Oppose Bill That Threatens Access to Care, Increases Costs

Action needed:  Call and write your state senator and ask them to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 213 (Cortese, D-Silicon Valley), which would create a workers’ compensation presumption for acute care hospital employees, without any evidence of widespread or wrongful denial of benefits for workers injured on the job. Find contact information for your senator on the state Legislature’s site.  Timing: […]

Urge Congress to Extend the Deadline to Spend Provider Relief Fund Payments

Action needed:  Call or email your U.S. representative and senator and urge them to support bipartisan legislation extending the deadline  to spend Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments. Find your representative’s contact information via this online directory. Find your senator’s contact information via this online directory. Timing: Call or email your representative and senator by October […]

Urge Legislators to Support Modernizing Disaster Preparedness

Action needed:  Follow up with your state senators and assembly members to urge them to support a proposal through this year’s state budget process that would refocus 2030 hospital seismic requirements on emergency services and provide additional time for hospitals to comply. It is critical that hospitals maintain their presence with legislators to address some misinformation […]

Ask Congress to Urge HHS Secretary to Distribute Remaining Provider Relief Funds

Action needed:  Call or email your U.S. representative and urge them to sign on to a California delegation letter to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Becerra calling for the urgent distribution of the remaining Provider Relief Funds.  To find your representative’s contact information: Ask your member of Congress to contact the sponsor of […]

Urge Lawmakers to Vote Yes on Budget Trailer Bill to Modernize Disaster Preparedness Standards

Action needed:  Call your state senators and assembly members and urge them to adopt a proposal through this year’s state budget process that will refocus 2030 hospital seismic requirements on post-event emergency services. The proposal will also provide an additional seven years for hospitals to comply as they begin to recover from the financial toll of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Additional details on the proposal are in this one-page outline.  To assist […]

Urge Congress to Protect Program Eligibility for 340B Hospitals During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Action Needed: Urge your U.S. senators and representatives to support bipartisan legislation that preserves program eligibility for certain 340B hospitals during the COVID-19 public health emergency.   To find your senators’ contact information:  To find your representatives’ contact information:  Timing: Call or email your representatives and senators by July 2.   Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a reduction in inpatient hospital […]